May & June

Target Tarpon on Fly with Capt. Lacey off the Nature Coast of Florida.


The fables of the largest Tarpon of the World congregating on the crystal clear flats of Homosassa are true. The old timers found themselves entranced by the mystical creatures that appear and disappear on these flats just like we do today. 

The culture in Homosassa isn't the same as other areas of Florida where Tarpon on targeted by anglers. It's FLYFISHING only. It's the very essence of primal intertwined with modern day technology. Utilizing a piece of fur and feathers to trick the "silver king," into eating the fly with state of the art fly gear. 

Find yourself stepping onto my skiff. Tuning out the noise of the world. Tuning into the Tarpon. If that's something you need in your life right about now then what are you waiting for? 

You're one plane flight or car ride away to making history. Writing your own story of the fables of Tarpon fishing in Old Florida. 


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