Take Note.

photo by Jim Klug #yellowdogflyfishing

Journaling is not only good for the soul but amazing at putting flyfishing into perspective. Great teachers encourage their students to take notes during class and that is exactly what I've learned to do on this flyfishing journey. Somewhat time consuming but effective at helping as understand what we can do better on that next drift. 

Today's notes:

Don't let the problems in your life cloud your mind. Focus on the task and think about nothing else. What you're going to do when you see that permit? How you are going to present the fly? Just let that fly line flow through your fingers like butter until she's on the reel screaming!

To often I find my mind wandering on a quiet flat, then all of the sudden a permit pops up out of no where. Like a car accident, I freeze forgetting to put the brakes on and bam I'm left in the middle of the wreckage. Frazzled and distraught from what just happened, I try to get behind the wheel again.  

My mind isn't clear, but what I've learned today is to be ready and drive defensive...always contemplating how to avoid the permit wreckage.