I'm just a second class flyfisherman

I'm so sick of hearing that ever so coined phrase "if it was easy everyone would do it," but lately that's all I can repeat to myself to keep going. 

I didn't imagine when I stepped foot again in San Pedro, Belize in March that I would be here for nearly 5 months without catching another permit on fly. It's mind boggling to me and completely frustrating to the point that I want to pull my freakin' hair out. 

Humbled I have become in these last few months. True to the game, it's one of the hardest fish in saltwater to land on fly. I've had more heartbreaks then I did in middle school out here, flat after flat.

If you've ever felt this way, shoot me a like. One day I know I will be flying first class.......but until then CHIVE ON.