Hasta Luego Belize.....

Hammocks, rum concoctions, & bonefish... all the necessary ingredients to becoming a permit freak.

I've spent the last 6 months working my tail off to get the job done and in the process learned a few valuable lessons to share. 


Aiming for that prick of a permit made grow as flyfisher & a person. A wise man told me that I better get a truckload of bonefish under my belt before I keep chasing permit. Although I'd rather not admit that my first permit on fly may have been 10% skill and the rest luck, well it's probably true.


If you're new to the whole saltwater flyfishing gig and your goal is to catch a permit on fly, a few things to think about:  

- Take a step back and get your double haul on (if you don't know what that is then you prob don't have a very good chance of getting the job done. Stop by a local fly shop and they can help you out with some lessons).

- BONEFISH. Lots of it, be accurate at 40, 50, 60, 70 feet and make them eat!  

- Keep calm & quiet...... nobody wants nervous nelly on their bow freaking out about every shot they missed, why the permit refused your filet mignon of a fly, or the marching band practicing their drum skills when your fly line gets all wrapped around your feet and you're trying to get it off. 

- Relax and take a breather in the hammock, crack a cold one and enjoy reflecting upon your day on the water! 

I'll be back in Belize in November to get the job done with Mr. Permit. ROUND TWO BABY!!